The Birkenhead2020 Project – September Round-up

Welcome to the September update! Autumn is fast approaching and the shadows are getting longer, while the days get shorter. The website has hit a nice milestone this month – we’ve had 15,000 different people visit the website since the beginning of the year and they have viewed pages nearly 50,000 times 🙂

It’s a big gallery this month, because there are so many nice photos and I didn’t want to miss any of the best ones out. There has been a lot of new ground covered, particularly in the Tranmere area, so if you have any interest in that area, you’re in for a treat.

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Being the end of September, it means we are three-quarters of the way through the year and have only 3 months left to complete the project. If we continue at the same rate as we have been out taking photographs, we’ll complete the project by the year end. This will mean we will have undertaken the largest photographic archive of Birkenhead ever produced. I am also certain that nowhere else in the UK has ever been the subject of such a project. It makes me proud to have been involved, in the knowledge that future generations will have an unparalleled visual resource to draw on.

If you’re interested in statistics, then here’s some for you: There are now over 600 streets with at least one photo on the website, though usually many more. We have just broken the 10,000 photograph mark during September, which means on average each road has about 16 photos.

If you would like to take photographs for the project and you own a proper camera (not a phone-camera), please fill in the form on the Join Us page and be sure to check your spam folder, just in case my reply finds it’s way there.

Thanks for reading and looking at these photos – be sure to check back from time to time for new additions and remember to come back next month for the October update.


Join our Facebook group ( for more pictures of Birkenhead, old and new.

The first Christmas decorations I’ve seen this year!

Join our Facebook group ( for more pictures of Birkenhead, old and new.