I have been looking at wonderful photographs of Birkenhead 2020, a marvellous piece of work.

I found Edith Faulkner’s house at 18 Bessborough Road and knew exactly where I was ! Edith, mother’s great friend, came from Wem in Shropshire.

Should have remembered that Miss Bullock died in 1936, she asked for my mother to nurse her in her final illness, something that Mum was proud of.

Now, I must look around Birkenhead School where my brother was educated and an area that he loved. I’ve seen the Holy Name where his funeral was held 9 years ago.

Birkenhead looks better in these photos than when I was growing up in Willowbank Road in 1940s / 50s. Thank you again !


 This is an amazing project……..WELL DONE !!

Barbara Cundari VIA FACEBOOK

 What an amazing job you’re doing … really enjoy viewing all your hard work


…a worthy project, beautifully executed! It will make the life of future researchers so much easier. 

Martin Titley VIA FACEBOOK

Future history researchers won’t know how lucky they are.

Barrie Mitchell VIA FACEBOOK

Love this so much, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Haven’t been back since 1973. I was stationed in Birkenhead 70-73 as a young copper before transferring to the Met to be with my family . First thing I looked at was Mortimer Street and memories came flooding back. Good times living in the area in the 60’s until I left. Will never forget Birkenhead or the wonderful people. Thank you again and well done . History will thank you as well

mike stamp VIA FACEBOOK

Great to see these photos as I don’t live here anymore and it brings back happy memories ?


Excellent project – you are creating a legacy that will be invaluable for the future. Thank you ?

Eileen Johnston via facebook

Fantastic photos once again..I live in Amsterdam for 40 years now but when I look at your photo’s it’s like I am walking around Birkenhead. Brilliant.

Lynne Guntrip-Parry via facebook

A what a huge venture, the photos are excellent. I live in rural Australia now and its great to see my old home town captured this way, thanks!

Jason Dean via facebook

Amazing, keep up this great piece of work, absolutely fantastic

Tracy Elizabeth Sinnott via facebook

Thanks for keeping Wirral History alive. We take for granted present day not until we are mature do we reflect on our past. Looking at your photos trigger fond memory’s of were I was born and bred, friends, buildings, places were I use to hang out and most of all spending time with me mates going on days out all over the Wirral and Liverpool. Thankyou I appreciate what you do.

Janet Jones via facebook

Although I live in Clitheroe Lancashire, I’m love following all the posts that are on Facebook, but the one with all the streets is brilliant, keep up the good work, marion mitchell, still a Birkenhead Girl at Heart x

Marion Mitchell via facebook

I am now 69 born in 50 at 9 Egan Rd. Lived at 75 Hoylake Rd. married,Left Birkenhead in 73,, moved to Toronto Cabana.

Gentlemen, thank you so much. Your photographs have brought back my young years and especially my teenage years. Growing up in the North End was not easy, but it did shape me to be the man I am today. I went to Tollemache rd school where I learned to love Art, Williamson Gallery was my favorite place to visit. I went to Birkenhead School Of Art were I grew to love Art, in later years the old masters. I progressed into classical music,Opera.. and ancient civilizations. The photos have rekindled so many memories

Thank you 

Barry Perry via email

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  1. Hornby st wonderful we lived there in no 10 then moved to no 5 as it was larger,that yard used to be a rag yard many times as kids we stood at the back window watching the fire engines put fires out,that’s for the fabulous photo brought a lump to my throat

  2. Woodchurch Road. While I enjoyed looking at the photos as a whole, some great shots, I did notice that the photos of Woodchurch Road are incomplete. Please can anyone explain why part of Woodchurch Road has been missed out, while parts of the junctions, Storeton Road, Arno Road, Bessborough Road and Balls Road have been included in Woodchurch Road section. The missing part of Woodchurch Road covers the area from The Wirral Christian Centre to Carlton Road. It would be nice to be included.

    1. The project is not even half way through yet – the aim is to photograph every street in Birkenhead during 2020 – it is the beginning of June now, so only 5 months have passed – we still have 7 months of the year left to complete the project 🙂

  3. what wonderful photos’ of Argyle St. was born 32 argyle street 1949 moved to North end 1957 Great memories of my childhood with my best friend at the time Danny Kelly who lived round the corner at 80 Market Street we were in separable but on moving to the North End Egan Road aged 8 I found a ready made group of friends and great fun we all had together Steven Ithel, George Birkett not forgetting the Rice brothers Tony AND john also not forgetting the Lanceley’s and a new school Gautby Road junior then Tollemache secondary spent many hours on Bidston Hill the Nanny goat mountains the rec and the boating lake ocasionally the Rohds.

    1. The map on our website is Google Maps, so it isn’t a mistake we’ve made 🙂 – I’ve just checked on Google maps and it is still in the wrong place. I have suggested a correction for the location myself before, but they obviously haven’t acted on it -I’ll re-suggest it again now.

    2. Having done a number of google map corrections myself, I soon found out there are at least two google maps and a correction on one doesn’t correct the other. Recently corrections have been done very carelessly, I gave them details for one road and they changed another a few miles away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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