The Birkenhead2020 Project – April Round-up

April has come and gone (where did the time go?) This means that we’re of the way through the year already. Despite the constant shadow of Covid-19 looming over us all, there is an air of bright positivity that, whilst it can’t banish the Covid-19 shadow, can make it more bearable. We’ve all seen the heart-warming and often very emotional videos of applause for the NHS staff and all keyworkers, children and young people entertaining their street with a musical performance and of course, not forgetting Captain Tom – now Colonel Tom – and his determined walks around his garden that have so far raised over £30m.

The Birkenhead2020 Project has continued, with contributors taking their cameras with them during their daily exercise routines to keep the photographs flowing in. After reading an article on the BBC website about Sheffield photographer Ellie Last taking “doorstep portraits” in her home town, I though it’d be a great idea to do in Birkenhead – and seemingly, so did a lot of people who agreed to be my portrait subjects! You can see all of the Birkenhead Doorstep Portraits in the gallery. If you live within 15 minute’s walk of Birkenhead town centre and you’d like your doorstep portrait taken during the lockdown, please contact me using the contact form on the “Join Us” tab. I’d just like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who has participated in the Doorstep Portrait part of the project – I couldn’t have done it without you! Many thanks 🙂

Some stats for you regarding how the project is progressing. We now have photographs of 486 streets (of about 700) and between all of the contributors, we have so far created an archive of over 5,000 photographs of the town. We’re still looking for more people to contribute to the archive, so if you are a keen photographer, please get in touch here.

Another “thank you” is overdue for all of the photographers who have contributed to the project so far – their efforts have made the completion of this project achievable and I am forever in their debt!

Take care and #staysafe

Join our Facebook group ( for more pictures of Birkenhead, old and new.

Join our Facebook group ( for more pictures of Birkenhead, old and new.