Doorstep Portraits during the Covid-19 Lockdown

During the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I like many others are immensely appreciative of the tremendous hard work and sacrifice that our NHS staff and all keyworkers are tirelessly committing themselves to. 

I have set up a fundraiser for a lasting commemoration of the work that these members of our community have put in. 

The commemoration will take the form of a cherry blossom tree-lined avenue in Birkenhead Park.

Why cherry blossom trees? Well, I’m sure whilst you’ve been out during your daily exercise during lockdown, you have seen cherry trees in full blossom and it is my hope that this commemorative avenue will remind us at this time each year of the extraordinary period we are currently experiencing and the people who have helped make things more bearable for us.

I’ve been given the green-light by the council so start fundraising. I’m sure you’ll agree that not only will this be a fitting tribute, but will also enhance the park for everyone.

Each tree will cost around £50 (reasonably mature trees, ready for planting – not young saplings.) You can donate money for a whole tree or even just a couple of pounds – everything will help!

Many thanks for your “tree-mendous” support – it means a lot to me and I hope that it will mean a lot to the people who we are celebrating.

Click here to donate to the Birkenhead Park NHS & Keyworker Commemorative Tree Fundraiser

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Denise says: “Trev have been isolating for the past 5 weeks [from the date of this photograph.] He was previously a chef has a lung condition and thankfully I am working from home for a local supported housing provider called Wirral Veterans based within the Royal British Legion building Park Road East.”

Wendy told me that her eldest wakes up each morning asking if school is open yet.

Jaimielee had to work hard to convince Jon to have his photo taken, but in the end, he seems to be enjoying the experience! You could see good neighbourly spirit in the street while I was there, with neighbours asking after each other as they passed in the street.

This is Hadyn & Jennifer – Jennifer is holding a tablet displaying a photo of their newborn grandson who lived in Australia. They had been due to fly over to Australia in time for the birth of their grandson, but those plans were called off when the lockdown was implemented. As of today, they haven’t been able to get a photo actually with their grandson, so this is the closest thing they have.

Samantha and Stephen are expecting a baby and wanted a photo of their household during lockdown, to show to the baby later in life. The couple live with Samantha’s sister Hannah and her partner Rachel.

Peter and Brenda (my parents) have been in isolation since lockdown started. I’ve been doing all their shopping for them – this photo was taken during one of the doorstep drop-off visits.

Liam & Maxine’s home has been in the limelight since a friend painted a lockdown inspired mural on their house that came to the attention of the local press.

Helen is a nurse and is seen here enjoying some well-earned time off. As she is a keyworker, her daughter is still attending school.

It was Cerys’ birthday on the day this photo was taken. Their neighbours (Camilla & Craig, below) came out to toast the birthday girl. The balloon had a mind of it’s own!

Camilla & Craig got dressed up in their national colours for Cerys’ birthday. They are from South Africa and Craig is wearing the SA rugby shirt, whilst Camilla is dressed in a springbok onesie.

Karen’s son is holding one of the enduring emblems of the lockdown – a rainbow that he proudly drew himself, representing thanks to NHS staff & key workers.

Click here to donate to the Birkenhead Park NHS & Keyworker Commemorative Tree Fundraiser

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