The Birkenhead2020 Project – January Round-up

It’s 31st January … already!

Photography for the Birkenhead2020 Project started (too) early on New Year’s Day and we’ve now reached the end of the first month of the project – time flies!

In this post, I’ll provide some stats for you and also show some of my favourite photographs we’ve taken this month.

Between myself (Dave) and Jean-Pierre, we’ve covered a fair amount of Birkenhead already. It’s been cold, it’s been wet, it’s been overcast … it’s even been foggy, but there’s also been some days of glorious winter sun (still freeeezing, though!)

We have at least one photograph from 205 different streets and a total of over 1200 photographs uploaded to the site during the first month. I haven’t counted how many streets there are in total in Birkenhead, but this is a good start 🙂

Here’s some of our favourite photos from January (in no particular order), taken by myself (Dave) and Jean-Pierre.