To make it easier to see photographs of all the streets within a certain area, I have created this map with fairly arbitrary boundaries and names. Please note that some streets in Birkenhead are very long and will therefore appear in a number of districts; eg, Price Street starts in the “Hamilton” district, passes through the border between “Grange” and the “Commercial” district, then continues along the border of “Parkside” and finally ends in the “North End”, so photographs of Price Street will appear in all of these districts. Furthermore, where a photograph shows a corner of two streets, the photo will be in the gallery for each of the streets, so you will see some duplication of photographs in the district galleries. Click on the links below the map to see photos from that area.

Click on the links below to see photographs from that area – when you get to the bottom of the page, click on “Older Posts” to see more from that area.